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News From Maria Pease, Issue #001 -
April 06, 2013

News From The Home Office

The Press Enterprise wants to do an interview!

With the release of Malicious Secrets A Sam Parker Mystery I have written and sent out a press release to let the media know that Sam Parker is back! Well, I just got an email from a reporter about an interview. I'm not sure when it will be in the paper but I will let you know.

I have to say, it's exciting for me though!

Website News

Take a look at for new articles and writing tips and my author photo shoot!

We had such a great time taking the photos. My Daughter, Ali helped me to get ready and her friend, and my photographer, Andrea Tink shot the photos.

Ask The Expert

I had an email from a young girl who asked me, "how do I know if I'm a writer?"

I told her that if you write and you love it and it's what you want to do more than anything else, you're a writer. It doesn't matter if you write fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or newsletters.

The act of writing makes you a writer. You can study, practice, and always improve your craft. I take classes all the time! But the most important thing is to keep writing.

Do you have a question? ask it here and I'll answer it for you!


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