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News From Maria Pease, Issue #002 -
May 01, 2013

News From The Home Office

The Press Enterprise did an interview!

As you know, with the release of Malicious Secrets A Sam Parker Mystery I have been out doing a lot of promotion. I received an email from a reporter at the Press Enterprise and she wrote a really nice story!

You can read it here!

Website News

I'm adding some great information to my website There are articles and writing tips if you are interested in writing yourself and I am always available to answer your questions.

Freelance Writing Tips

As a freelance writer, one of the most important things you need to do is to stop thinking like a creative writer and start thinking as a business person.

Yes, you need creative writing ideas and freelance writing opportunities if you are going to get paid to write, but you also need to think in terms of writing as a business. These freelance writing tips will get you on your way to a career as a freelance writer who is writing for money in no time!

The first thing you need to do is:

Get Training - Just like any new career you would start, you need to be sure to get the right training. There are several high paying writing niches. Get training in the one that your most interested in.

Stay Focused on Your Writing Goals - Know what your goals are and keep them in the forefront of your mind. Value your time and do only what will lead you to your goals. (This is the most important of all the freelance writing tips.)

Promote Your Service - Promoting your writing service does not necessarily mean you have to pay a lot of money to advertise your offered service. Instead, you can use free ads listing on several websites. Sites such as craigslist is a good place to start promoting your service.Some other great resources are to create a squiddo page, submit articles or create some freelance writing tips of your own and publish them with article city, articles base and the many other Free online article directories. Join social networking sites. They are a great way to get the word out about your business. Some social networking sites have special sections for freelance writing jobs.

You may find forums, ads listings, and even blogs that offer online writing opportunities that you can take advantage of.

Ask The Expert

An email from a woman that had been a writer but had put it aside for many years and was trying to get back to that place where she could begin writing again.

My advise was to look into writing groups or take a class that will give her a deadline for completing some writing activity so she can ease back into it but add accountability to get it done.

Do you have a question? ask it here and I'll answer it for you!


If you'd like to learn more about my books, Malicious Intent A Sam Parker Mystery and Malicious Secrets A Sam Parker Mystery you can read the synopsis and several chapters FREE! Take a look!

Need A Writer?

Do you need professional copywriting services to build your website, write a brochure, draft a newsletter or write what you want to say to your clients and customers?

As a freelance copywriter, my goal is to help you to communicate clearly and effectively with your clients and customers, improve your profits, and make your life easier.

Most likely, you just want to be able to focus on your business and get home on time for a change.

I'd like to help you do that.

Contact me for more information.

Talk with you soon!


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