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News From Maria Pease, Issue #004 -
October 01, 2013

News From The Home Office

The 4 "C's" To The Writer's Life

We all know it takes a lot to reach our goals. We get distracted, side tracked, and sometimes just plain lazy. But there are four easy ways to get and stay on track in reaching your goals.

The first "C" stands for Commitment. You need a good reason to stay committed and make it big. That way you are likely to put your plan in motion.

The second "C" stands for Consistency. When you sit down everyday from 9 to 2 and write, if you do this everyday, you will have something to show for it.

The third "C" stands for Clarity. In order to reach your goals, you need to know what those goals are and put a plan together to reach them.

The fourth "C" stands for Confidence.

That's right, confidence is last — not first.

That’s because confidence is an effect — not a cause. Confidence only comes after making the commitment to try something, then doing it consistently and getting better at it.

Believe me, when I wrote my first book, went through the editing process and saw my book in print, I became more confident so I actually was more relaxed when writing Malicious Secrets A Sam Parker Mystery.

My confidence wasn't as high while writing Malicious Intent A Sam Parker Mystery. I wanted to write a good book but there was a definite learning curve. But I did it anyway and you will do it too!

So remember to commit to your goals.

Then you will need to be consistent in following a plan.

Get clear on why and how you want to reach the goal.

You will find that just doing these things you will gain more confidence.

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