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News From Maria Pease, Issue #005 -
November 06, 2013

News From The Home Office

Fiction Writing Tips

Writing fiction can be a lonely adventure but also an exciting one. It isn't easy to create a story and actually get it on paper and make it all work but these tips can help you to get and stay motivated while you're writing your book!

  • Know your Genre. In order to write well in a genre, you need to know what readers want and expect. Fiction is not something we need to read, we do it for entertainment so in order for someone to pick up your book, and keep reading to the end, you need to make sure you do the best job you can.

  • Show, don't tell. Don't explain what is happening, show your readers through action and dialog. You want the reader to be able to see the story in their own minds.

  • Stay focused on the plot. Writers have lots of ideas but it's important to stay focused on the plot. Having new ideas popping up throughout the story is distracting and annoying. Focus is vital.

  • Create conflict. Conflict is what moves the story forward so without it your story will be flat and uneventful. You should involve your characters, make your audience care about how it will turn out and remember that creating it takes practice, lots of practice!

  • Editing is key. So many writers think that every word in their story is like gold. But the reality is that the story as a whole is what is important. Having a great editor will make all the difference in how your book comes out.

    Now that you have read these few tips, get back to writing your book!

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