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News From Maria Pease, Issue #0010
March 04, 2018

News From The Home Office

Steve Bilzi at Bilzi Mac in Wilmington, NC Found My Book After Computer Crash!

I have great news!!!

You may remember that my computer crashed a few months ago, taking 43 chapters of my book with it. I had been in a panic and was heartbroken, as I wasn't sure it would ever be recovered.

Well, it has! Every chapter. This is the story...

First, let me say how grateful I am for Steve Bilzi of Bilzi Mac. Thank you, Steve! I am an author and write a detective mystery series. I had been writing when my Mac had prompted me to install the High Sierra update. I don't usually install an update without checking to see what it is but for some reason, this time I did.

The next morning, I was eager to get back to work on my book and started my computer. When that dreaded grey bar got stuck, I didn't panic, I just did a forced shutdown and tried again.

As you can probably imagine, it wouldn't boot. Now I was getting concerned. I went on my iPad and started looking for fixes. Step by step, I attempted to reboot with no luck. Did I panic? Not yet, but I decided that it was time to bring in the big guns and I called AppleCare, only to be told by the representative that I had already tried everything he was going to walk me through and he'd have to connect me with his supervisor.


After going through the steps that I had taken, he calmly told me I'd need a specialist. Okay, so now I was starting to panic. My stomach was doing flip-flops, my heart sunk heavy in my chest and I tried to remember that last time I had actually saved my work to an external source.

I set an appointment with Best Buy for the next day and put my Mac to the side, feeling like I had lost my left arm.

Again, I didn't get any sleep. I felt like I was suffocating, and my heart was racing so fast I thought I may actually have a heart attack. No exaggeration. My mistake of not backing up or saving my work seemed like such a stupid thing to do, yet I had done it.

How did this happen? How could I have been so stupid? Why didn't I just take the extra minute to do it?

The next morning, I headed to Wilmington and 40 minutes never felt so long. I explained what had happened to the guy checking me in and all of a sudden felt like he had no idea of the importance of my work. It was 43 freaking chapters of a mystery written! How could he not understand the work involved in it? All at once I decided I couldn't leave my laptop there. Of course, I didn't know where I would take it, but I couldn't leave it there.

I was referred to Steve at Bilzi Mac and all I can say is thank goodness! When everyone else told me that there was no chance of recovering my files, Steve was a calming force for me.

I am happy to report that Steve rescued every chapter! Yes, he found 43 chapters of my book and I am so very grateful for all his hard work. He has gone above and beyond, even purchasing and learning how to use the writing program in order to locate my files. If you are a Mac user, don't waste your time bringing your computer anywhere else. Steve, Sue and their team at Bilzi Mac is all you need.


PS. Yes, I am backing up my work!

Look for the new book this summer 2018!

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