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News From Maria Pease, Issue #0010
November 23, 2017

News From The Home Office

Avoid This Mistake

Okay, I'm just going to say it. I screwed up big time!

If you are a writer, and I expect that you are. Please learn from my HUGE mistake.

Last week my Mac prompted me to install the High Sierra update. I was working on my book and was distracted. (Lesson number 1- Don't install anything while you're distracted!)

I don't usually install updates without checking it first but this time I did...

Why? I honestly have no idea but I do regret that decision like no other. The reason is that, although it seemed to have updated properly, I soon discovered that it had not.

I continued working and with chapter 43 done, decided I'd call it a night. I proceeded to shut down my computer and didn't think another thing about it, as I have done so many times before.

No. I didn't back it up and there was no saving to an external drive. (Lesson number 2 - ALWAYS save your work to an external source.)

The next morning I was eager to get back to work on my book and started my computer. When that grey bar got stuck I didn't panic, I just did a forced shut down and tried again.

As you can probably imagine, again, it wouldn't boot. Now I was getting concerned. I went onto my iPad and started looking for fixes. Step by step, I attempted to reboot with no luck.

Did I panic? No, but I was re-living that mistake over and over again as I continued to try every fix that Apple had listed.

I decided that it was time to bring in the big guns and I called AppleCare, only to be told by the representative that I had already tried everything he was going to walk me through and he'd have to connect me with his supervisor.


After going through the steps that I had taken, he calmly told me I'd need a specialist.

Okay, so now I was starting to panic. My stomach was doing flip flops, my heart sunk heavy in my chest and I tried to remember that last time I had actually saved my work to an external source.

I set an appointment with Best Buy for the next day and put my Mac to the side, feeling like I had lost my left arm.

Again, I didn't get any sleep. I felt like I was suffocating and my heart was racing so fast I thought I may actually have a heart attack. No exaggeration.

My mistake of not backing up or saving my work seemed like such a stupid thing to do yet I had done it.

How did this happen? How could I have been so stupid? Why didn't I just take the extra minute to do it?

The next morning I headed to Wilmington and 40 minutes never felt so long. I explained what had happened to the guy checking me in and all of a sudden felt like he had no idea of the importance of my work. It was 43 freaking chapters of a mystery written!

How could he not understand the work involved in it. All at once I decided I couldn't leave my laptop there. Of course I didn't know where I would take it but I couldn't leave it there.

As I sat in my car, panicked and crying, I realized what a horrible mistake I had made.

I came home wondering what I could do when my husband called to let me know he had a friend who referred a Mac specialist. I called them right away and since it was Friday afternoon, I was told that they could look at it on Monday.


As of today, Thanksgiving day, I still don't have any word on whether my book can be found and saved, but I did find that I had backed up the book at chapter 30.

Yes, I may have lost 13 chapters and I really, really hope I didn't, but I am thankful for this valuable lesson, despite the fact that I have been sick to my stomach over this.

So, on this Thanksgiving day, I ask you to learn from my mistake.

(Lesson number 3...PLEASE BACK UP YOUR WORK! )

Please, please, please!

I'll keep you posted on what I find out. Wish me luck!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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