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News From Maria Pease, Issue #008 -
August 04, 2014

News From The Home Office

Tips For Fiction Writers

Those of us who write know that sometimes we just need a tip or two to get that motivation to get started on our next project. Here are a few that always help me so I thought I'd pass them along. I hope they help you too!

I recommend that you choose the ones that you find most helpful and start there.

1. Read books in the genre you're interested in writing. As you read, pay attention to how the story and characters develop.

2. Write what you are interested in writing. It's tough enough to write well, but trying to chase the market is not how you will improve. If you love writing romance, don't write mysteries because you think they sell better.

3. There are a lot of authors who swear by a very detailed outline. If that doesn't feel right for you, don't do it. When it comes to writing, it's all about doing what works for you.

4. Allow your characters to come off the page. They don't have to be perfect, and they shouldn't be. You want them to be beautifully flawed.

5. Keep the story moving forward. If your reader is bored, you're cooked.

6. Show, don't tell. Use your writing to allow your readers to use all their senses. Let them "see" your story as it develops.

7. Remember, readers are smart. Be sure to create a story that won't disappoint them.

8. Get help. It's too much to write and be responsible for editing. Hire an experienced editor. It's worth the expense to have the finished product be the best it can be.

9. Think about all your publishing options. The publishing industry is changing and authors are enjoying the control they have over their work.

10. Enjoy the process. Writing a book is a labor of love. Enjoy each step and continue to learn from the experience.

Good Luck!

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