Lose Fat Fast 

 How and Why We Store Body Fat

Lose Fat Fast!

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Who doesn't want to lose fat fast?

Whenever we are facing issues that we can’t get a handle on, our frustration levels naturally rise and that in itself can make the situation seem so much worse.

If you've ever dealt with trying to lose fat or other issues with your weight, you might be asking yourself, how you store body fat in the first place. How on earth did you get to where you are and how can you get things under control and get yourself out of this situation of carrying the extra weight?

Sometimes just understanding how and why you store body fat can offer you help in losing it. By looking into the process of fat burning you can get clear on what to do to uncover the precise steps that you need to be taking in order to move yourself forward.

Let's take a quick look at why you store body fat and how the process takes place.

Lose Fat Fast - It’s all About Energy Imbalances

The first thing that you need to understand is that the process of gaining weight and increasing body fat to your frame very much is a function of how much energy is coming in versus how much energy is going out.

When you consume a diet that is high in calories you are most likely taking in more calories than you're burning off daily, which is going to cause you to begin to store excess body fat. There is no getting around that.

Every individual has a certain amount of energy they use in a given day and if you take in more calories than you use, you will experience weight gain due to the body storing it in case you need it later.

This is because if you ever encounter a period of starvation, you'll have built up energy reserves to turn to. In order to gain, you’d have to have an energy surplus of 3500 calories over time to accumulate one additional pound of body fat.

The Type of Nutrients Consumed

The one important thing that you should think about in terms of why and how you store body fat is the type of energy that you're taking in, meaning what you’re eating.

Foods that are rich in protein will be least likely to be converted to body fat because proteins take a lot of energy just to break down.

When your body is breaks down the protein you expend energy just to do it so this means less energy would be left over to store as body fat. So proteins play an important part of a healthy diet and an important issue in order to lose fat fast.

Depending on what type of carbohydrates you eat, you may not necessarily store these as body fat either. Carbohydrates such as vegetables are not going to add fat to your body and so if you follow a lower carbohydrate diet and have just completed an good weight lifting or cardio workout session, any storage of carbohydrates in your body will be burned as your muscle glycogen levels will be lowered or even depleted.

So when this happens, the carbohydrates you eat will actually go towards that storage first, and then once it's filled up that’s when you will begin converting carbohydrates into body fat.

After proteins and carbohydrates, you have fats.  Some dietary fat is necessary for proper health and functioning, but just remember that if your calorie intake is too high, then you will certainly add unwanted body fat.

So it’s important to maintain a proper calorie balance with a well rounded diet that includes proteins, “good” carbohydrates and healthy fats. 

Sometimes just breaking down the process can help to give you a clear plan to make necessary changes that will give you the results your looking for. If you still find yourself wanting a little extra assistance, you could try taking a supplement like Phen375.

Phen375 is a dietary supplement intended to help those of us who want to lose weight, burn fat faster and boost metabolism. Doing this should help you to lose fat fast. View the Phen375 website for additional information about how it can help you to shed the fat fast.

Lose Fat Fast!

Get the ebook on Kindle

So there you have the main points to keep in mind about how and why you store body fat.  If you want to minimize fat storage, eat a lower calorie diet that's rich in proteins and contains moderate amounts of carbohydrates with small amounts of healthy fats sprinkled in.

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